AEGEE-Darmstadt e.V.

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Like promised we are going to play soccer together. I know it from my own time as an exchange student. Everybody wants to play but we didn’t get a football ground. So we organized for you the ground and a ball and know we need you!!!

Where: Hochschulstadion. We booked a ground there.

When: Every two weeks Thursday. First time on Thursday the 19th of Mai.

Time: 5.30 to 7.30 pm.

Who: Everyone who likes to play.

Price: Per person 2€, because there is a rent of 80€. At the end we are going to spend the additional money for a small barbeque with the soccer group.


AEGEE ... What the..?

You want to know more about AEGEE? How can you pronounce this strange sequence of characters? Read more here (Only available in German at the moment).



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