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Next Stammtisch

The next AEGEE Stammtisch takes place at July 12th at Worschtküsch (Erbacherstr. 5). You are going to find us there from 9pm.


Interview at Audiomax

This week AEGEE-Darmstadt visited Radio Audiomax. For those of you, who don´t know it: Audiomax is a campusradion in Darmstadt, whose target are all the students in Darmstadt. Sebastian gave a interview about our work here in Darmstadt and about our goals.



As you maybe recognized, some of the content were german and some were english. Our plan is to change this in the next time. You can switch between the languages by clicking on the little flags at the top of the page.



Like promised we are going to play soccer together. I know it from my own time as an exchange student. Everybody wants to play but we didn’t get a football ground. So we organized for you the ground and a ball and know we need you!!!


Switching Tables

There are no translations available.

Also this semester, we proudly present the legendary Switching Tables event, already the sixth edition by AEGEE Darmstadt, taking place on Tuesday 17 May.

But what is Switching Tables? It is a three course dish which takes place in three flats. You prepare one dish together with your partner in your flat for two other teams. For the rest, come and see where and with whom you'll have to other two dishes. So, the idea of this event is to get to know new people around a good meal, everybody is welcome to participate: "new" or "old" exchange students, members or friends of AEGEE Darmstadt, or just anybody interested in international atmosphere. You are also invited to forward this mail to friends.


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AEGEE ... What the..?

You want to know more about AEGEE? How can you pronounce this strange sequence of characters? Read more here (Only available in German at the moment).



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